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Martel & Martel

Group plan performance experts

We are an independent firm specializing in the design of custom employee benefits and group insurance plans that boast optimal performance both financially and from a human resources perspective. We offer impartial advice and provide expert recommendations.

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Martel & Martel

Custom group insurance plans

Reflect your business reality
We use a personalized approach that meets your business needs without ever compromising performance.

Martel & Martel

Impartial advice

Market access without bias or restriction
We are independent and unbiased in our selection of insurers. We have access to all the solutions available on the market.

Martel & Martel

Active management

Close monitoring of the plan’s financial health
We offer agile and convenient monitoring to track your plan’s performance, effectively forecast expenses, and avoid discrepancies.

Martel & Martel

Scalable planning

Adjust the plan for the best possible returns
We work with you, according to the changing realities of your business, to give you more autonomy in your plan’s management.

Martel & Martel

Employee awareness

Empowerment for the benefit of all
We encourage ongoing communication to increase employee awareness and advise them on how to use their plan responsibly and economically.

We are one of few Canadian firms with exclusive access to the broadest consolidated group of businesses and the largest business association plan in the country.

Expert analysis
Custom plans
Corporate medical oversight
Medical counter-expertise
Group saving plans
Absenteeism diagnostic
Actuarial services
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