Martel et Martel

“Climate change, new technologies, the sharing economy, social innovations…It’s about time that insurance followed suit.”

Anne Martel, expert in risk management


Our approach

The world changes, evolves, transforms itself. In insurance, the traditional broker’s role is being challenged. At Martel & Martel, our role is to defend the interests interests of professionals, of businesses and their employees. To make insurance plan management more transparent, economical, and flexible.


Our mission: To make insurance a catalyst for collective financial security and wellness. We defy traditional insurance conventions on a daily basis to enhance health, productivity and business profitability.

The four principles behind our approach

01. Support

We are there to guide you in your decision-making on every aspect of your insurance plan, the risk management of your business assets and the performance of your employees.


02. Innovation

The insurance products and laws evolve. Our team is constantly searching for new creative solutions to reduce business expenses.


03. Autonomy

We believe in independence, in management and decision-making. We simplify the process, communicate the information clearly, and constantly work to develop tools that make it possible to make enlightened decisions.

04. Wellness

We believe the health of your company begins with that of your employees. At Martel & Martel, we promote wellness in all its forms through our partnerships.