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Healthy employees: A lever of productivity

October 02, 2017 by Anne Martel

All stakeholders in the social benefits sector agree that employee health is a cornerstone of a successful company. At Martel&Martel, we firmly believe this. Stress, inactivity, poor diet… all are factors that negatively affect the health of your employees, reduce their quality of life and hamper productivity. And that doesn’t take into account the costs incurred. We know. We see the impact first-hand in our very own teams.

That’s why we struck an agreement with Team Altius. Founded by the Olympian Kathy Tremblay, the firm specializes in the implementation of health-promoting programs at companies. Our goal? Offer our clients tangible solutions that will allow them to help their employees adopt an active lifestyle, which fosters better balance in the workplace. Before trying to persuade someone about the merits of an Altius program, Martel&Martel put it to the test. Here’s a look at what we found.

Sickness-related costs
Each one of us can take charge of our health. On the other hand, it’s not always easy to integrate healthy habits into our hectic lives. It’s thought that workers lose up to 7 days of work each year on average due to sickness or inability. Even worse, presenteeism – coming to work but not being able to perform at an optimal level – results in an alarming 30% drop in productivity on average.

An on-site lab
Focusing on health to boost your company’s performance makes sense. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to actually measure ROI. Before presenting our clients with health and well-being solutions, we set up the Altius program in our workplace over the last year in order to experience it first-hand.

Our firm’s staff, including members at the management level, fully committed to the program and closely tracked its benefits. Embracing the investigative spirit, our employees shared their health insurance claim data as well as information on their physical activity routines. Members of Team Altius and their close collaborator, Dr. Jacques Forêt, at UQÀM, meticulously monitored our progress.

The program has several components:

  • Conferences
  • Health report and personalized action plans
  • Connected follow-ups and Fitbit-enabled group challenges
  • Group activities, including participation in an organized run
  • Special events

Positive effects all around
According to our specialists, the first hurdle to adopting healthier behaviours is a lack of time. By giving employees opportunities to get active and eat better, everyone wins: increased quality of life, improved overall well-being, stronger self-esteem, better stress management, greater satisfaction at work… Additionally, better health also leads to a reduction in costs related to chronic illness – for employees, the organization and all of society.

Companies outdo each other to attract top talent; investing in health could give you a further competitive edge. A great incentive? If given the choice, candidates would choose a well-being program over a salary increase.

Boosting your company’s performance
Team Altius has determined that for every dollar invested in a workplace health program, your company will enjoy a rate of return of between $2.75 and $4. Now that’s worthwhile! This represents a significant gain in productivity; a company that promotes employee health achieves a 55% return over its competitor without such a program.

Within the first month of the program’s launch at our company, the following benefits were noticeable:

  • Our employees stated they were more satisfied at work and felt a greater sense of commitment to the company.
  • The work climate improved, leading to better collaboration among people and more innovative initiatives.
  • Recruiting new employees was easier, which confirms that work conditions that promote health and well-being are important to job seekers.

Next step for our company: a complete economic evaluation of the program at the end of the second year of this active lifestyle trial exercise to quantify the results and establish our ROI. A preliminary evaluation already shows promising results.

Solutions for business, all in one place
For Martel&Martel, innovation and research into proven solutions are ways to create value. The partnership established with Team Altius is among the many unique services that keep our clients a step ahead of the competition and maximize their performance.